Frequently Asked Questions

I see a message that says BOND_FAIL from the BGX serial connection

See next answer.

I see a message about insufficient encryption from my iOS device

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I am having trouble in general connecting to the Bluetooth Xpress

Most connection problems are due to a mismatch in encryption settings between devices, or when one device has stored bonding information and the other device does not. This may happen if one device is told to "forget" the other device. Please see the section about Solving Connection Problems for more information.

I am not able to connect my Galaxy S5 even after resetting bonding

This phone does not support LE Secure Connections which is the default encryption setting for Bluetooth Xpress. Change the the encryption pairing mode to allow LE Legacy Pairing. Set variable bl e p to any to allow LE Legacy pairing.

How many devices can be bonded to the Bluetooth Xpress device

The Bluetooth Xpress device can remember up to 14 devices. It will forget older, less-used devices as new devices are added. Refer to Bluetooth Xpress and Bonding for more information.

Can I connect to Bluetooth Xpress from a Raspberry Pi?

It is possible to establish a Bluetooth connection from a Raspberry Pi to a Bluetooth Xpress device. The Raspberry Pi will act as a Central and the BGX acts as a peripheral. At this time we do not have a library or example for the Raspberry Pi. However, please see Xpress Streaming Service for details about the BLE service. Also refer to the Mobile Library documentation for more information about how the mobile libraries work and for links to the library source code repository on Github. The mobile library source code can provide a reference for a Raspberry Pi implementation.

When I scan I do not see all the Bluetooth devices around me

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Can I scan for beacons?

When the Bluetooth Xpress device performs a scan, it only detects other Bluetooth Xpress devices that are advertising. It does not detect arbitrary devices and is not meant to be used as a sniffer.

When building the iOS BGXCommander I see a linker error about MMDrawer

If you are building BGXCommander for iOS, you may see a linker error such as

ld: library not found for -lMMDrawerController

The error may instead mention "PullToRefresh".

We use CocoaPods to manage dependencies, and you need CocoaPods installed in order to successfully build BGXCommander. Please refer to this CocoaPods Getting Started page. The short version is:

gem install cocoapods

Is LE Data Packet Length Extension supported? What is the packet length?

Bluetooth Xpress supports Data Packet Extension. The maximum packet length is 251 bytes. Refer to this page

How do I use the BOOT pin? Can I update via serial port?

The BOOT pin is an active low signal that is used to place the Bluetooth Xpress device into a mode for updating via the serial port. In the future, Silicon Labs will release a utility program for performing serial port updates. Until then you can update BGX using the BGX Command mobile app. See Serial Firmware Update