BGAPI Payload

The parameters of a BGAPI command, response, or event are passed between the application and firmware in a payload. For example, a parameter of uint32 type uses 4 bytes of the payload space. A byte array parameter uses one byte to describe the length of the array. Data in the array is copied into the remaining free payload space.

Maximum BGAPI Payload Size

The maximum BGAPI payload size is 256 bytes for both NCP and SoC modes. When an application calls a BGAPI command, BGAPI checks the payload length and returns an error code 0x018a (command_too_long) if the payload causes an overflow.

Deprecation Notice

Note that some commands, enumerations, and events are marked as deprecated. Avoid using those commands because they will be removed in future releases.

Sensitive Data Handling

Certain commands in the Mesh classes read or write security-critical material. In Secure NCP applications, the BGAPI communication between the host and the target must be encrypted. Otherwise, the commands will return the error code 0x0a0e mismatched_or_insufficient_security. This feature does not affect SoC or non-secure NCP applications.