Error codes

Errors related to hardware

Code Name Description
0x0501 ps_store_full PS Store is full
0x0502 ps_key_not_found PS key not found
0x0503 i2c_ack_missing i2c ack missing
0x0504 i2c_timeout i2c timeout

Errors related to BGAPI protocol

Code Name Description
0x0101 invalid_conn_handle Invalid connection handle
0x0102 waiting_response Waiting response
0x0103 gatt_connection_timeout GATT connection timeout
0x0180 invalid_param Invalid Parameter
0x0181 wrong_state Device in Wrong State
0x0182 out_of_memory Out Of Memory
0x0183 not_implemented Feature Not Implemented
0x0184 invalid_command Command Not Recognized
0x0185 timeout Timeout
0x0186 not_connected Not Connected
0x0187 flow flow
0x0188 user_attribute User Attribute
0x0189 invalid_license_key Invalid License Key
0x018a command_too_long Command Too Long
0x018b out_of_bonds Out of Bonds
0x018c unspecified Unspecified error
0x018d hardware Hardware failure
0x018e buffers_full Internal buffers are full
0x018f disconnected Disconnected
0x0190 too_many_requests Too many requests
0x0191 not_supported Feature Not Supported
0x0192 no_bonding No Bonding
0x0193 crypto Crypto error
0x0194 data_corrupted Data Corrupted
0x0195 command_incomplete Command Incomplete

Errors from Security Manager Protocol

Code Name Description
0x0301 passkey_entry_failed Passkey Entry Failed
0x0302 oob_not_available OOB Data is not available
0x0303 authentication_requirements Authentication Requirements
0x0304 confirm_value_failed Confirm Value Failed
0x0305 pairing_not_supported Pairing Not Supported
0x0306 encryption_key_size Encryption Key Size
0x0307 command_not_supported Command Not Supported
0x0308 unspecified_reason Unspecified Reason
0x0309 repeated_attempts Repeated Attempts
0x030a invalid_parameters Invalid Parameters
0x030b dhkey_check_failed DHKey Check Failed
0x030c numeric_comparison_failed Numeric Comparison Failed
0x030d bredr_pairing_in_progress BR/EDR pairing in progress
0x030e cross_transport_key_derivation_generation_not_allowed Cross-transport Key Derivation/Generation not allowed

Bluetooth errors

Code Name Description
0x0202 unknown_connection_identifier Unknown Connection Identifier
0x0204 page_timeout Page Timeout
0x0205 authentication_failure Authentication Failure
0x0206 pin_or_key_missing Pin or Key Missing
0x0207 memory_capacity_exceeded Memory Capacity Exceeded
0x0208 connection_timeout Connection Timeout
0x0209 connection_limit_exceeded Connection Limit Exceeded
0x020a synchronous_connectiontion_limit_exceeded Synchronous connection limit to a device exceeded
0x020b acl_connection_already_exists ACL Connection already exists
0x020c command_disallowed Command Disallowed
0x020d connection_rejected_due_to_limited_resources Connection rejected due to limited resources
0x020e connection_rejected_due_to_security_reasons Connection rejected due to security reasons
0x020f connection_rejected_due_to_unacceptable_bd_addr Connection rejected due to unacceptable Bluetooth address
0x0210 connection_accept_timeout_exceeded Connection accept timeout exceeded
0x0211 unsupported_feature_or_parameter_value Unsupported feature or parameter value
0x0212 invalid_command_parameters Invalid Command Parameters
0x0213 remote_user_terminated Remote User Terminated Connection
0x0214 remote_device_terminated_connection_due_to_low_resources Remote device terminated connection due to low resources
0x0215 remote_powering_off Remote Device Terminated Connection due to Power Off
0x0216 connection_terminated_by_local_host Connection Terminated by Local Host
0x0217 repeated_attempts Repeated attempts
0x0218 pairing_not_allowed Pairing not allowed
0x0219 unknown_lmp_pdu Unknown LMP PDU
0x021a unsupported_remote_feature Unsupported remote feature / unsupported LMP feature
0x021b sco_offset_rejected SCO offset rejected
0x021c sco_interval_rejected SCO interval rejected
0x021d sco_air_mode_rejected SCO air mode rejected
0x021e invalid_lmp_parameters Invalid LMP parameters / Invalid LL parameters
0x021f unspecified_error Unspecified error
0x0220 unsupported_lmp_parameter_value Unsupported LMP Parameter value / unsupported LL parameter value
0x0221 role_change_not_allowed Role change not allowed
0x0222 ll_response_timeout LL Response Timeout
0x0223 lmp_error_transaction_collision LMP error transaction collision
0x0224 lmp_pdu_not_allowed LMP PDU not allowed
0x0225 encryption_mode_not_acceptable Encryption mode not acceptable
0x0226 link_key_cannot_be_changed Link key cannot be changed
0x0227 requested_qos_not_supported Requested QoS not supported
0x0228 instant_passed Instant passed
0x0229 pairing_with_unit_key_not_supported Pairing with unit key not supported
0x022a different_transaction_collision Different transaction collision
0x022c qos_unacceptable_parameter QoS unacceptable parameter
0x022d qos_rejected QoS rejected
0x022e channel_assesment_not_supported Channel assessment not supported
0x022f insufficient_security Insufficient security
0x0230 parameter_out_of_mandatory_range Parameter out of mandatory range
0x0232 role_switch_pending Role switch pending
0x0234 reserved_slot_violation Reserved slot violation
0x0235 role_switch_failed Role switch failed
0x0236 extended_inquiry_response_too_large Extended inquiry response too large
0x0237 simple_pairing_not_supported_by_host Simple pairing not supported by host
0x0238 host_busy_pairing Host bysy-pairing
0x0239 connection_rejected_due_to_no_suitable_channel_found Connection rejected due to no suitable channel found
0x023a controller_busy Controller Busy
0x023b unacceptable_connection_interval Unacceptable Connection Interval
0x023c directed_advertising_timeout Directed Advertising Timeout
0x023d connection_terminated_due_to_mic_failure MIC Failure
0x023e connection_failed_to_be_established Connection Failed to be Established
0x023f mac_connection_failed MAC connection failed
0x0240 coarse_clock_adjustment_rejected_but_will_try_to_adjust_using_clock_dragging Coarse clock adjustment rejected but will try to adjust using clock dragging

Application errors

Code Name Description
0x0a01 file_open_failed File open failed
0x0a02 xml_parse_failed XML parse failed
0x0a03 device_connection_failed Device connection failed
0x0a04 device_comunication_failed Device communication failed
0x0a05 authentication_failed Device authentication failed
0x0a06 incorrect_gatt_database Incorrect GATT database
0x0a07 disconnected_due_to_procedure_collision Device disconnected due to procedure collision
0x0a08 disconnected_due_to_secure_session_failed Device disconnected due to failure to establish or reestablish a secure session
0x0a09 encryption_decryption_error Encrypion/decryption operation failed
0x0a0a maximum_retries Maximum allowed retries exceeded
0x0a0b data_parse_failed Data parse failed
0x0a0c pairing_removed Pairing established by the application layer protocol has been removed
0x0a0d inactive_timeout Inactive timeout

Errors from Attribute Protocol

Code Name Description
0x0401 invalid_handle Invalid Handle
0x0402 read_not_permitted Read Not Permitted
0x0403 write_not_permitted Write Not Permitted
0x0404 invalid_pdu Invalid PDU
0x0405 insufficient_authentication Insufficient Authentication
0x0406 request_not_supported Request Not Supported
0x0407 invalid_offset Invalid Offset
0x0408 insufficient_authorization Insufficient Authorization
0x0409 prepare_queue_full Prepare Queue Full
0x040a att_not_found Attribute Not Found
0x040b att_not_long Attribute Not Long
0x040c insufficient_enc_key_size Insufficient Encryption Key Size
0x040d invalid_att_length Invalid Attribute Value Length
0x040e unlikely_error Unlikely Error
0x040f insufficient_encryption Insufficient Encryption
0x0410 unsupported_group_type Unsupported Group Type
0x0411 insufficient_resources Insufficient Resources
0x0412 out_of_sync Out Of Sync
0x0413 value_not_allowed Value Not Allowed
0x0480 application Start of ATT Application Error Codes Range

Bluetooth Mesh errors

Code Name Description
0x0c01 already_exists Resource already exists
0x0c02 does_not_exist Resource does not exist
0x0c03 limit_reached Limit reached
0x0c04 invalid_address Invalid address
0x0c05 malformed_data Malformed data received

Filesystem errors

Code Name Description
0x0901 file_not_found File not found

Security errors

Code Name Description
0x0b01 image_signature_verification_failed Image signature verification failed
0x0b02 file_signature_verification_failed File signature verification failed
0x0b03 image_checksum_error Image checksum is not valid