Data Types

Data types used in the documentation are shown in the table below. Unless otherwise noted, all multi-byte fields are in little endian format.

errorcode2 bytesResult code
- 0: success
- Non-zero: an error occurred
- For other values refer to Error Codes
int162 bytesSigned 16-bit integer
bd_addr6 bytesBluetooth address
uint162 bytesUnsigned 16-bit integer
int324 bytesSigned 32-bit integer
uint324 bytesUnsigned 32-bit integer
link_id_t2 bytesLink ID
int81 byteSigned 8-bit integer
uint81 byteUnsigned 8-bit integer
uint8array1- 256 bytesVariable length byte array. The first byte defines the length of the data that follows, 0 -
255 bytes.
ser_name16 bytesService name, 16-byte array
dbm1 byteSignal strength
connection1 byteConnection handle
service4 bytesGATT service handle
This value is normally received from the gatt_service event.
characteristic2 bytesGATT service handle
This value is normally received from the gatt_characteristic event.
descriptor2 bytesGATT characteristic descriptor handle
uuid3 or 17 bytesuint8array containing a 2 or 16 bytes Universal Unique Identifier (UUID)
att_errorcode1 byteAttribute protocol code
- 0: No error
- Non-zero: See Bluetooth specification, Host volume, Attribute Protocol, Error Codes table.
att_opcode1 byteAttribute opcode which informs the procedure from which attribute the value was received
uuid_12816 bytes128-bit UUID
aes_key_12816 bytes128-bit AES Key