User Messaging

User Messaging.


Used by the target application on a device to initiate communication and send a message to the NCP host.


sl_status_t sl_bt_user_message_to_target (size_t data_len, const uint8_t *data, size_t max_response_size, size_t *response_len, uint8_t *response)

Detailed Description

User Messaging.

This class provides one command and one event which can be used by a NCP host and target to implement a communication mechanism with a custom proprietary protocol. An application must decide whether and how the command and event are used. The stack does not produce or consume any messages belonging to this class.

Function Documentation

◆ sl_bt_user_message_to_target()

sl_status_t sl_bt_user_message_to_target ( size_t  data_len,
const uint8_t *  data,
size_t  max_response_size,
size_t *  response_len,
uint8_t *  response 

Used by an NCP host to send a message to the target application on device. The application on target is must send the response with sl_bt_send_rsp_user_message_to_target.

[in]data_lenArray length
[in]dataThe message
[in]max_response_sizeSize of output buffer passed in response
[out]response_lenOn return, set to the length of output data written to response
[out]responseThe response message
SL_STATUS_OK if successful. Error code otherwise.