Finding the Bluetooth Features of Smartphones


Many new features which were introduced in the Bluetooth 5.0 specification (such 2M PHY, LE coded PHY, and advertisement extensions) have not been adopted by all smartphone models. Some require new hardware (such as the new PHYs) but others are mostly software-based features. Often, it's difficult to know what is supported by a given smartphone model. However, the Bluetooth SIG qualification listings provide detailed insight into all Bluetooth features supported under each declaration.

Searching the SIG Qualification Listings

Example below shows how to get the listing information of Samsung Galaxy S8+, the model name is SM-G9550. You can search for any other listed devices following the steps below.






The Bluetooth SIG launch studio allows searching for the declarations of Bluetooth end products and/or components (such as the Silicon Labs link layer or host stack), which provides insight into the features supported. This is extremely useful in finding specific Bluetooth features supported by smartphones.