Indicates that a new connection was opened.

Data Structures

struct  sl_bt_evt_connection_opened_s
 Data structure of the opened event.


#define sl_bt_evt_connection_opened_id   0x000600a0
 Identifier of the opened event.

Detailed Description

Indicates that a new connection was opened.

This event does not indicate that the connection was established (i.e., that a data packet was received within 6 connection interval). If the connection does not get established, an sl_bt_evt_connection_closed event may immediately follow. This event also reports whether the connected devices are already bonded and what the role of the Bluetooth device (central or peripheral) is. An open connection can be closed with sl_bt_connection_close command by giving the connection handle obtained from this event.

Data Structure Documentation

◆ sl_bt_evt_connection_opened_s

struct sl_bt_evt_connection_opened_s

Data structure of the opened event.

Data Fields
bd_addr address

Remote device address

uint8_t address_type

Enum sl_bt_gap_address_type_t. Remote device address type. Values:

  • sl_bt_gap_public_address (0x0): Public device address
  • sl_bt_gap_static_address (0x1): Static device address
  • sl_bt_gap_random_resolvable_address (0x2): Resolvable private random address
  • sl_bt_gap_random_nonresolvable_address (0x3): Non-resolvable private random address
uint8_t master

Device role in connection. Values:

  • 0: Peripheral
  • 1: Central
uint8_t connection

Handle for new connection

uint8_t bonding

Bonding handle. Values:

  • SL_BT_INVALID_BONDING_HANDLE (0xff): No bonding
  • Other: Bonding handle
uint8_t advertiser

The local advertising set that this connection was opened to. Values:

  • SL_BT_INVALID_ADVERTISING_SET_HANDLE (0xff): Invalid value or not applicable. Ignore this field
  • Other: The advertising set handle