Change Log

Version 1.5.2

Modified arm_math.h

  • fixed GNU Compiler specific diagnostics.
  • moved __SSAT and __USAT to CMSIS-Core

Version 1.5.1

Changed copyright note.

Added ARMv8M DSP libraries.

Version 1.5.0

Modified arm_math.h

  • removed macro TABLE_SIZE.
  • changed preprocessor conditions to select functions instead of SIMD instruction for Cortex-M3.

Modified arm_const_structs.c

  • Added structure instances for the RFFT functions (equivalent to CFFT structures).

Version 1.4.10 (no source code change [still labeled 1.4.5])

Modified arm_sin_cos_f32.c

Modified arm_var_f32.c

Version 1.4.9 (no source code change [still labeled 1.4.5]) 2016/09/26

Modified arm_mat_mult_fast_q15.c, arm_mat_mult_fast_q31.c

Modified arm_conv_partial_q15.c

Modified arm_conv_q15.c

Modified arm_correlate_q15.c

Version 1.4.8 (no source code change [still labeled 1.4.5]) 2015/12/18

Modified arm_math.h, arm_bitreversal2.S

Modified arm_sin_f32.c

  • Updated Texas Instruments Arm Compiler support.

Updated documentation

Version 1.4.7 (no source code change [still labeled 1.4.5]) 2015/10/20

Modified arm_math.h

  • Added explicit type casts to remove compiler warnings.
  • Supressed irrelevant warnings for toolchain GCC.

Updated documentation

  • functions arm_cos_f32, arm_sin_f32 use table lookup combined with linear interpolation (since V1.4.2). This is now documented.

Version 1.4.6 (no source code change [still labeled 1.4.5]) 2015/08/26

Modified arm_math.h

Version 1.4.5 2015/03/19

Added support for the Cortex-M7 processor

Fixed bug in arm_mat_inverse_f32.c and arm_mat_inverse_f64.c. They weren't properly handling diagonal matrices.

arm_cfft_f32.c - help documentation updated

Updated documentation to show deprecated functions

Version 1.4.4 2014/07/31

Added the following new files:

Optimizations to the following files:

Version 1.4.3 2014/03/12

Undid changes to arm_biquad_cascade_df1_q31.c

Added support for COSMIC

Changed 'short' to 'q15_t' where appropriate

Fixed arm_conv_partial_fast_q15.c for UNALIGNED_SUPPORT_DISABLE

Fixed arm_mat_cmplx_mult_q15.c for UNALIGNED_SUPPORT_DISABLE

Fixed arm_conv_partial_opt_q7.c for UNALIGNED_SUPPORT_DISABLE

Restored the internal fftlen of 16 to arm_rfft_fast_init_f32.c

Updated core_xxx.h files to newer versions from ARM

Version 1.4.2 2013/10/16

Moved const structures from arm_const_structs.h to arm_const_structs.c

Rfft_fast_f32 no longer allows fft length of 16 as it wouldn't have worked anyways

Partial convolution was producing the wrong results in some cases

arm_lms_q31 and q15 now saturate the results in the M0 code to match the M3 & M4 code

Rfft_q15 and q31 had potential overflow issues resolved

arm_biquad_cascade_df1_q31.c had a typo which resulted in incorrect outputs

fast math sine and cosine now use linear interpolation

controller sin/cos now uses a more accurate interpolation algorithm

arm_mat_inverse was reading outside its input array

arm_cmplx_dot_prod was incorrect

switched some incorrect usages of __ssat to clip_q63_to_q31

changed var & std q31 to downshift input data by 8

var q31 & q15 no longer output larger data types

arm_mat_cmplx_mult_q15.c was done incorrectly for big vs little endian

arm_mat_mult_q31.c was inconsistent with the other multiplies, so added saturation

arm_conv_partial_q15 had an incorrect comparison between signed & unsigned values

Version 1.4.1 2013/02/20

Updated licenses in headers to 2013

Fixed ALIGN4 macro in arm_math.h

Added files to Cortex-M0 projects so that all projects have same file list

Fixed bugs in

Version 1.4.0 2013/01/09

Updated with more optimizations, bug fixes and new license information in headers

Optimized functions:

  • arm_biquad_cascade_df2T_f32
  • arm_biquad_cascade_df1_q31
  • arm_fir_f32
  • arm_fir_fast_q31
  • arm_cfft_f32
  • arm_cfft_radix2_q31
  • arm_rfft_fast_f32 (new function)

Fixed compiler warnings in arm_math.h for comparing signed and unsigned ints

Fixed a saturation bug in arm_rms_q15

Simplified the code in arm_sin_cos_q31

Added a preprocessor directive to treat the Cortex M0+ just like the Cortex M0

The following functions were deprecated and will be removed in a future version

  • arm_cfft_radix2_f32
  • arm_cfft_radix2_init_f32
  • arm_cfft_radix4_f32
  • arm_cfft_radix4_init_f32

Version 1.3.0

Added CMSIS DSP Software Library

The CMSIS DSP Software Library is a suite of common signal processing functions targeted to Cortex-M processor based microcontrollers. Even though the code has been specifically optimized towards using the extended DSP instruction set of the Cortex-M4 processor, the library can be compiled for any Cortex-M processor.

For more information please see CMSIS DSP Library documentation. Added Cortex-M4 Core Support

Additional folder CM4, containing the Cortex-M4 core support files, has been added. CM0 CM3 CM4 CoreSupport DeviceSupport

New naming for Core Support Files

The new Core Support Files are:

  • core_cm#.h (# = 0, 3, 4)
  • core_cmFunc.h (Cortex-M Core Register access functions)
  • core_cmInstr.h (Cortex-M Core instructions)
  • core_cm4_simd.h (Cortex-M4 SIMD instructions)

Version 1.2.0

Removed CMSIS Middelware packages

CMSIS Middleware is on hold from ARM side until a agreement between all CMSIS partners is found. SystemFrequency renamed to SystemCoreClock

The variable name SystemCoreClock is more precise than SystemFrequency because the variable holds the clock value at which the core is running. Changed startup concept

The old startup concept (calling SystemInit_ExtMemCtl from startup file and calling SystemInit from main) has the weakness that it does not work for controllers which need a already configuerd clock system to configure the external memory controller.

Changed startup concept

  • SystemInit() is called from startup file before premain.
  • SystemInit() configures the clock system and also configures an existing external memory controller.
  • SystemInit() must not use global variables.
  • SystemCoreClock is initialized with a correct predefined value.
  • Additional function void SystemCoreClockUpdate (void) is provided.
  • SystemCoreClockUpdate() updates the variable SystemCoreClock and must be called whenever the core clock is changed.
  • SystemCoreClockUpdate() evaluates the clock register settings and calculates the current core clock.

Advanced Debug Functions

ITM communication channel is only capable for OUT direction. To allow also communication for IN direction a simple concept is provided.

  • Global variable volatile int ITM_RxBuffer used for IN data.
  • Function int ITM_CheckChar (void) checks if a new character is available.
  • Function int ITM_ReceiveChar (void) retrieves the new character.

For detailed explanation see file CMSIS debug support.htm.

Core Register Bit Definitions

Files core_cm3.h and core_cm0.h contain now bit definitions for Core Registers. The name for the defines correspond with the Cortex-M Technical Reference Manual.

e.g. SysTick structure with bit definitions

typedef struct
__IO uint32_t CTRL;
__IO uint32_t LOAD;
__IO uint32_t VAL;
__I uint32_t CALIB;
} SysTick_Type;
/* SysTick Control / Status Register Definitions */
#define SysTick_CTRL_COUNTFLAG_Pos 16
#define SysTick_CTRL_COUNTFLAG_Msk (1ul << SysTick_CTRL_COUNTFLAG_Pos)
#define SysTick_CTRL_CLKSOURCE_Pos 2
#define SysTick_CTRL_CLKSOURCE_Msk (1ul << SysTick_CTRL_CLKSOURCE_Pos)
#define SysTick_CTRL_TICKINT_Pos 1
#define SysTick_CTRL_TICKINT_Msk (1ul << SysTick_CTRL_TICKINT_Pos)
#define SysTick_CTRL_ENABLE_Pos 0
#define SysTick_CTRL_ENABLE_Msk (1ul << SysTick_CTRL_ENABLE_Pos)
/* SysTick Reload Register Definitions */
#define SysTick_LOAD_RELOAD_Pos 0
#define SysTick_LOAD_RELOAD_Msk (0xFFFFFFul << SysTick_LOAD_RELOAD_Pos)
/* SysTick Current Register Definitions */
#define SysTick_VAL_CURRENT_Pos 0
#define SysTick_VAL_CURRENT_Msk (0xFFFFFFul << SysTick_VAL_CURRENT_Pos)
/* SysTick Calibration Register Definitions */
#define SysTick_CALIB_NOREF_Pos 31
#define SysTick_CALIB_NOREF_Msk (1ul << SysTick_CALIB_NOREF_Pos)
#define SysTick_CALIB_SKEW_Pos 30
#define SysTick_CALIB_SKEW_Msk (1ul << SysTick_CALIB_SKEW_Pos)
#define SysTick_CALIB_TENMS_Pos 0
#define SysTick_CALIB_TENMS_Msk (0xFFFFFFul << SysTick_VAL_CURRENT_Pos)
/* end of group CMSIS_CM3_SysTick */

DoxyGen Tags

DoxyGen tags in files core_cm3.[c,h] and core_cm0.[c,h] are reworked to create proper documentation using DoxyGen. Folder Structure

The folder structure is changed to differentiate the single support packages.

    Example (optional)

Version 1.1.0 2012/02/15

Updated with more optimizations, bug fixes and minor API changes.

Version 1.0.11 2011/10/18

Bug Fix in conv, correlation, partial convolution.

Version 1.0.10 2011/7/15

Big Endian support added and Merged M0 and M3/M4 Source code.

Version 1.0.3 2010/11/29

Re-organized the CMSIS folders and updated documentation.

Version 1.0.2 2010/11/11

Documentation updated.

Version 1.0.1 2010/10/05

Production release and review comments incorporated.

Version 1.0.0 2010/09/20

Production release and review comments incorporated.

Version 0.0.9 2010/08/27

Added files: arm_biquad_cascade_df1_fast_q15.c arm_biquad_cascade_df1_fast_q31.c arm_fir_fast_q31.c arm_fir_fast_q15.c

Version 0.0.7 2010/06/10

Misra-C changes done

Version 0.0.5 2010/04/26

incorporated review comments and updated with latest CMSIS layer

Version 0.0.3 2010/03/10 DP

Initial version