/package/taxonomy element

Group to list description elements that define component classes and component group names used within a package description. This element is optional.




Parent Element Element Chain
package /package
Child Elements Description Type Occurrence
description Describes or defines a component class or class-group combination. TaxonomyDescriptionType 1..*



This element describes a component class or the combination between a component class and a component group. Components are categorized by Cclass and Cgroup. The creator of a package can define names for Cclass and Cgroup. Thus, configuration tools can display the set of available components. A document can be referenced using the attribute doc. The attribute generator can be used to reference to a generator tool. The id of the generator needs to be the same as specified in the element /package/generators/generator. The description itself is a string entered between the opening and closing tags of the element description.

It is recommended to use an already agreed taxonomy for interchangeable components. For example, the combination of class CMSIS and group Startup is defined for the device-specific CMSIS-Core (Cortex-M) files.



<description Cclass="Board Support">Generic Interfaces for Evaluation and Development Boards</description>
<description Cclass="CMSIS" doc="CMSIS/Documentation/General/html/index.html">Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Components</description>
<description Cclass="Device" doc="CMSIS/Documentation/Core/html/index.html">Startup, System Setup</description>
<description Cclass="CMSIS Driver" doc="CMSIS/Documentation/Driver/html/index.html">Unified Device Drivers compliant to CMSIS-Driver Specifications</description>
<description Cclass="File System">File Drive Support and File System</description>
<description Cclass="Graphics">Graphical User Interface</description>
<description Cclass="Network">Network Stack using Internet Protocols</description>
<description Cclass="USB">Universal Serial Bus Stack</description>
<description Cclass="RTOS">Realtime Operating System</description>
You must not use Windows or Linux reserved characters for Cclass, Cgrouop, and Csub names! Some development tools use these names to create a directory structure for the software components in projects. Reserved characters are:
< (less than)
> (greater than)
: (colon)
" (double quote)
/ (forward slash)
\ (backslash)
| (vertical bar or pipe)
? (question mark)
* (asterisk)


Parent Element Element Chain
taxonomy /package/taxonomy element
Attributes Description Type Use
Cclass Component Class Name. Can be defined by the creator of the package. Predefined values can be used as listed in the table Component Classes. Cclass required
Cgroup Component Group Name. Can be defined by the creator of the package. Predefined values can be used as listed in the table Component Groups. CgroupType optional
doc Reference to documentation. xs:string optional
generator Reference to a generator. Enter the id value of the element /package/generators/generator. xs:string optional
public Set publishing permissions for the documentation. If <public> is true, then the vendor gives permission to extract the documentation from the pack and publish it on a web-page. Links to web pages are assumed to be public. The default value is false. xs:boolean optional


Table: Component Classes

Component Class names are strings with a minimum length of 3 characters and a maximum length of 32 characters. Component class names are specified in the section /package/taxonomy/description.

These values can be used in the elements:


<... Cclass="CMSIS" ...>


The table lists predefined Component Classes.

Cclass= Description
Board Support Components providing interfaces for Evaluation and Development Boards
CMSIS Components defined by Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (e.g. CMSIS-Core(M), CMSIS-Core(A), CMSIS-DSP and CMSIS-RTOS)
Device Components containing device specific implementations of non-standard APIs (e.g. HAL drivers, CMSIS Startup files)
CMSIS Driver Components implementing unified device drivers compliant to CMSIS-Driver (e.g. UART, SPI, USB, etc.)
File System Components implementing some kind of File Systems (e.g. Flash or RAM based file systems)
Graphics Components implementing some kind of Display and Graphics Software
Network Components implementing some kind of Network Communications (e.g. TCP/IP Stack)
USB Components implementing some kind of USB interfaces (e.g. Host and Device interfaces)
Compiler Components implementing Compiler specific interfaces (e.g. Retargeting)
RTOS Components implementing some kind of Real-time Operating System (e.g. FreeRTOS, Micrium Real Time Kernel)


Table: Component Groups

Component Group names are specified by the element Cgroup and create categories within a Component Class specified by the element Cclass. The creator of the PACK can define the names in the element /package/taxonomy/description. A Component Group name is string with a length between 3 and 32 characters.


<... Cgroup="RTOS" Cclass="CMSIS"...>


Component Groups can be used in the elements:

The table lists predefined values for the Component Class Cclass="CMSIS". No other Component Groups have been defined so far.

Cgroup= Description
CORE A component containing device support in accordance to the CMSIS-Core(M) or CMSIS-Core(A) specifications (startup, system and device files)
DSP A component implementing the CMSIS-DSP API specification.
RTOS A component implementing the CMSIS-RTOS API specification.