Gecko OS version 2 and version 4 are now in maintenance and are not recommended for new designs. Please see the Software Advisory for detailed information (registration required).

Gecko OS

Gecko OS is a highly-optimized yet feature-packed IoT operating system designed specifically to power Silicon Labs hardware platforms with secure wired and wireless networking capabilities. With integrated support for firmware updates and cloud-connectivity, devices powered by Gecko OS can be seamlessly managed from the cloud with just a few clicks. Gecko OS already supports various technologies offered by Silicon Labs including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with others in active development.

Gecko OS offers two consistent API options depending on where your application runs. Applications that run on an external host microprocessor, or on a network connected device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC can use the Xpress Command API. Whereas applications that run on Silicon Labs hardware can use the programmatic Gecko OS native 'C' API along with the Gecko OS Application SDK.


Standard License

EditionDescriptionTechnologyHardware Supported
Gecko OS 4Wi-Fi and Ethernet with Command API and Application SDKWi-Fi, EthernetWGM160P

Xpress License

EditionDescriptionTechnologyHardware Supported
Gecko OS 2Wi-Fi Xpress with Command APIWi-FiAMW007, AMW037
Gecko OS 1Bluetooth Xpress with Command APIBluetoothBGX13P, BGX13S

Legacy Editions

EditionDescriptionTechnologyHardware Supported.
ZentriOS WZZentri Wi-Fi portfolio with Command API and Application SDKWi-FiAMW106, AMW136
ZentriOS WLZentri Wi-Fi portfolio with Command APIWi-FiAMW007, AMW037
ZentriOS WZentri Wi-Fi portfolio with Command APIWi-FiAMW006, AMW036