BGXpress Mobile Library Introduction

The BGXpress Mobile Libraries is set of libraries and frameworks used for developing iOS and Android mobile applications for Silicon Labs Bluetooth Xpress, BGX13P and BGX13S.

The official documentation for BGXpress Mobile Libraries is at

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BGX13S and BGX13P are members of the Silicon Labs Wireless Xpress family of product that enable wireless capability for products without the need to write firmware or certify hardware. These modules function as cable replacements, bridging the Xpress command API serial interface to BLE. Key BLE parameters such as transmit power and advertising intervals and duration are configurable and stored in on-chip non-volatile memory. A Bluetooth Xpress module can pair with another Bluetooth Xpress module, or it can pair with a smartphone.

BGX Commander is a mobile application that demonstrates Bluetooth Xpress module communication with smart phones. For more information on this app, please see BGX Commander.

Source Code and License

The BGX mobile libraries are licensed under a permissive open source license and can be found on Github.

Please refer to the license file


Please use the Silicon Labs main support portal for product support.