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* software is governed by the terms of Silicon Labs Master Software License
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* This
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#pragma once
#include "gos.h"
#include "hurricane.h"
typedef struct
hurricane_gps_antenna_t antenna;
uint32_t polling_period_ms;
} gps_settings_t;
// Define list of NVM entries for this app
// NOTE: For backwards compatibility, it's important the values
// assigned to these entries do NOT change with new versions of your app.
// To change or modify NVM entries, add a new entry with a new value to the list.
// NOTE: The maximum size of all NVM entries is GOS_NVM_MEMORY_SECTION_SIZE (typically 4K)
// GOS_NVM_DEFINE_TYPE(HURRICANE, 0), This is defined by the hurricane library
GOS_NVM_DEFINE_ENTRY(HURRICANE, GPS, 0, sizeof(gps_settings_t)),