Basic SoftAP TCP Server Example

Implements a SoftAP TCP echo server

API Features Demonstrated


This app works on:

Requirements and Prerequisites

Requires a Gecko OS evaluation board, such as a WGM160P_eval.

Other Gecko OS hardware can also be used by changing the source of the logged data to suit your device.


The initialization file settings.ini is packaged with the App file and downloaded to the device.


This example implements a TCP echo server on the SoftAP network interface.

Usage Instructions

After installing and running the app, the SoftAP server runs and displays a message on the Gecko OS terminal similar to:

> Starting SoftAP...
Softap name: TCP Server SoftAP
Softap password: password
Starting TCP Echo Server...
TCP Echo Server listening on:

Connect a mobile device or computer to the Gecko OS Soft AP using the Softap name and password reported by the Gecko OS app.

Run a TCP client and connect to the TCP Echo Server using the name and port reported by the Gecko OS app.

The Gecko OS app logs the client MAC address and assigned IP to the terminal, for example:

[90:18:7C:34:CB:97 associated]
> SoftAP Client: 90:18:7C:34:CB:97 ( - Connected

When you send a message from the client to the server, the server logs the message received, e.g.

Rx data: hi

Then the server echoes the data back to the client.






When client data is received: