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* Copyright 2019 Silicon Laboratories Inc.
* The licensor of this software is Silicon Laboratories Inc. Your use of this
* software is governed by the terms of Silicon Labs Master Software License
* Agreement (MSLA) available at
* This
* software is distributed to you in Source Code format and is governed by the
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/* Documentation for this app is available online.
* See
#include "gos.h"
#define APPLICATION_START_LINE "\r\nFactory Reset GPIO example starting ..."
* This is called BEFORE the system is initialized.
* EXTREME care must be given to the operations that are executed here.
* NOTE: Log prints will NOT work here!!
void gos_app_preinit(void)
// Configure the new factory reset GPIO
// NOTE: Since this is being configured here, in gos_app_preinit(),
// the updated factory reset GPIO will be updated BEFORE the GPIO is tested by the system.
gos_system_set_factory_reset_gpio(NEW_FACTORY_RESET_GPIO, NEW_FACTORY_RESET_LEVEL);
void gos_app_init(void)
gos_result_t result;
gos_gpio_t factory_reset_gpio;
bool gpio_level;
if(GOS_FAILED(result, gos_system_get_factory_reset_gpio(&factory_reset_gpio, &gpio_level)))
GOS_LOG("Failed to retrieve the factory reset GPIO config, err:%d", result);
GOS_LOG("Factory reset GPIO: %d, active: %s", factory_reset_gpio, gpio_level ? "HIGH" : "LOW");
GOS_LOG("\r\nTo invoke a factory reset via GPIO, do the following:");
GOS_LOG("1. Assert and hold GPIO%d %s", factory_reset_gpio, gpio_level ? "HIGH" : "LOW");
GOS_LOG("2. Reset the device (via reset signal or issue the 'reboot' command)");
GOS_LOG("3. Continue to hold GPIO%d %s for ~10s", factory_reset_gpio, gpio_level ? "HIGH" : "LOW");
GOS_LOG("4. De-assert GPIO%d", factory_reset_gpio);
GOS_LOG("\r\nThis should cause the device to revert to its factory default settings");