mbedtls_asn1_bitstring Struct Reference

Container for ASN1 bit strings.

Definition at line 157 of file asn1.h.

#include <asn1.h>

Data Fields

size_t len
unsigned char unused_bits
unsigned char * p

Field Documentation

size_t mbedtls_asn1_bitstring::len

ASN1 length, in octets.

Definition at line 159 of file asn1.h.

unsigned char* mbedtls_asn1_bitstring::p

Raw ASN1 data for the bit string

Definition at line 161 of file asn1.h.

unsigned char mbedtls_asn1_bitstring::unused_bits

Number of unused bits at the end of the string

Definition at line 160 of file asn1.h.

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