The GCM context structure.

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#include <gcm_alt.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int keybits
uint64_t len
uint64_t add_len
CRYPTO_DData_TypeDef key
int mode
CRYPTO_TypeDef * device
CRYPTO_Data_TypeDef ghash_state
CRYPTO_Data_TypeDef gctr_state
CRYPTO_Data_TypeDef ghash_key
uint8_t se_ctx_enc [32]
uint8_t se_ctx_dec [32]
uint8_t tagbuf [16]
bool last_op

Field Documentation

uint64_t mbedtls_gcm_context::add_len

The total length of the additional data.

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CRYPTO_TypeDef* mbedtls_gcm_context::device

CRYPTO device to use

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CRYPTO_Data_TypeDef mbedtls_gcm_context::gctr_state

GCTR counter value

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CRYPTO_Data_TypeDef mbedtls_gcm_context::ghash_key

GHASH key (is a constant value which is faster to restore than to reconstruct each time).

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CRYPTO_Data_TypeDef mbedtls_gcm_context::ghash_state

GHASH state

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CRYPTO_DData_TypeDef mbedtls_gcm_context::key

AES key, 128 or 256 bits

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unsigned int mbedtls_gcm_context::keybits

size of key

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bool mbedtls_gcm_context::last_op

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uint64_t mbedtls_gcm_context::len

The total length of the encrypted data.

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int mbedtls_gcm_context::mode

encryption or decryption

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uint8_t mbedtls_gcm_context::se_ctx_dec[32]

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uint8_t mbedtls_gcm_context::se_ctx_enc[32]

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uint8_t mbedtls_gcm_context::tagbuf[16]

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