Secure element driver initialization

Data Structures

struct  psa_drv_se_context_t
 Driver context structure.


typedef psa_status_t(* psa_drv_se_init_t) (psa_drv_se_context_t *drv_context, void *persistent_data, psa_key_location_t location)
 A driver initialization function.
typedef uint64_t psa_key_slot_number_t

Typedef Documentation

typedef psa_status_t(* psa_drv_se_init_t) (psa_drv_se_context_t *drv_context, void *persistent_data, psa_key_location_t location)

A driver initialization function.

[in,out]drv_contextThe driver context structure.
[in,out]persistent_dataA pointer to the persistent data that allows writing.
locationThe location value for which this driver is registered. The driver will be invoked for all keys whose lifetime is in this location.
Return values
PSA_SUCCESSThe driver is operational. The core will update the persistent data in storage.
Any other return value prevents the driver from being used in this session. The core will NOT update the persistent data in storage.

Definition at line 135 of file crypto_se_driver.h.

typedef uint64_t psa_key_slot_number_t

An internal designation of a key slot between the core part of the PSA Crypto implementation and the driver. The meaning of this value is driver-dependent.

Definition at line 148 of file crypto_se_driver.h.