mbedtls_x509_subject_alternative_name Struct Reference

A structure for holding the parsed Subject Alternative Name, according to type

Definition at line 137 of file x509_crt.h.

#include <x509_crt.h>

Data Fields

int type
union {
   mbedtls_x509_san_other_name   other_name
   mbedtls_x509_buf   unstructured_name

Field Documentation

mbedtls_x509_san_other_name mbedtls_x509_subject_alternative_name::other_name

The otherName supported type.

Definition at line 141 of file x509_crt.h.

union { ... } mbedtls_x509_subject_alternative_name::san

A union of the supported SAN types

int mbedtls_x509_subject_alternative_name::type

The SAN type, value of MBEDTLS_X509_SAN_XXX.

Definition at line 139 of file x509_crt.h.

mbedtls_x509_buf mbedtls_x509_subject_alternative_name::unstructured_name

The buffer for the un constructed types. Only dnsName currently supported

Definition at line 142 of file x509_crt.h.

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