mbedtls_x509write_csr Struct Reference

Container for writing a CSR

Definition at line 72 of file x509_csr.h.

#include <x509_csr.h>

Data Fields

mbedtls_md_type_t md_alg

Field Documentation

mbedtls_asn1_named_data* mbedtls_x509write_csr::extensions

Definition at line 77 of file x509_csr.h.

mbedtls_pk_context* mbedtls_x509write_csr::key

Definition at line 74 of file x509_csr.h.

mbedtls_md_type_t mbedtls_x509write_csr::md_alg

Definition at line 76 of file x509_csr.h.

mbedtls_asn1_named_data* mbedtls_x509write_csr::subject

Definition at line 75 of file x509_csr.h.

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