mbed TLS v2.7.6 source code documentation1

This documentation describes the internal structure of mbed TLS. It was automatically generated from specially formatted comment blocks in mbed TLS's source code using Doxygen. (See http://www.doxygen.nl for more information on Doxygen)

mbed TLS has a simple setup: it provides the ingredients for an SSL/TLS implementation. These ingredients are listed as modules in the Modules section. This "Modules section" introduces the high-level module concepts used throughout this documentation. Some examples of mbed TLS usage can be found in the Examples section.


mbed TLS supports SSLv3 up to TLSv1.2 communication by providing the following:

TCP/IP communication functions: listen, connect, accept, read/write. SSL/TLS communication functions: init, handshake, read/write. X.509 functions: CRT, CRL and key handling Random number generation Hashing Encryption/decryption Above functions are split up neatly into logical interfaces. These can be used separately to provide any of the above functions or to mix-and-match into an SSL server/client solution that utilises a X.509 PKI. Examples of such implementations are amply provided with the source code.

Note that mbed TLS does not provide a control channel or (multiple) session handling without additional work from the developer.

Silicon Labs Plugins

Cryptography Hardware Acceleration Plugins

Silicon Labs plugins utilizing cryptography hardware acceleration are provided in this mbed TLS package. These plugins and their configurations are documented in Silicon Labs Cryptography Hardware Acceleration Plugins. The plugins support sharing of cryptography hardware in multi-threaded applications, as well as a reduced overhead configuration for optimal performance in single-threaded applications.

Random Number Plugins

True Random Number Generator (TRNG), ADC and Radio (RAIL) hardware entropy source plugins are available for Silicon Labs devices. Entropy plugins are documented in the Random number generator (RNG) module.


Example server setup:






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