mbedtls_ecp_group Struct Reference

ECP group structure.

We consider two types of curves equations:

  1. Short Weierstrass y^2 = x^3 + A x + B mod P (SEC1 + RFC 4492)
  2. Montgomery, y^2 = x^3 + A x^2 + x mod P (Curve25519 + draft) In both cases, a generator G for a prime-order subgroup is fixed. In the short weierstrass, this subgroup is actually the whole curve, and its cardinal is denoted by N.

In the case of Short Weierstrass curves, our code requires that N is an odd prime. (Use odd in mbedtls_ecp_mul() and prime in mbedtls_ecdsa_sign() for blinding.)

In the case of Montgomery curves, we don't store A but (A + 2) / 4 which is the quantity actually used in the formulas. Also, nbits is not the size of N but the required size for private keys.

If modp is NULL, reduction modulo P is done using a generic algorithm. Otherwise, it must point to a function that takes an mbedtls_mpi in the range 0..2^(2*pbits)-1 and transforms it in-place in an integer of little more than pbits, so that the integer may be efficiently brought in the 0..P-1 range by a few additions or substractions. It must return 0 on success and non-zero on failure.

Definition at line 152 of file ecp.h.

#include <ecp.h>

Data Fields

mbedtls_ecp_group_id id
mbedtls_mpi P
mbedtls_mpi A
mbedtls_mpi B
mbedtls_ecp_point G
mbedtls_mpi N
size_t pbits
size_t nbits
unsigned int h
int(* modp )(mbedtls_mpi *)
int(* t_pre )(mbedtls_ecp_point *, void *)
int(* t_post )(mbedtls_ecp_point *, void *)
void * t_data
size_t T_size

Field Documentation

mbedtls_mpi mbedtls_ecp_group::A
  1. A in the equation, or 2. (A + 2) / 4

Definition at line 156 of file ecp.h.

mbedtls_mpi mbedtls_ecp_group::B
  1. B in the equation, or 2. unused

Definition at line 157 of file ecp.h.

mbedtls_ecp_point mbedtls_ecp_group::G

generator of the (sub)group used

Definition at line 158 of file ecp.h.

unsigned int mbedtls_ecp_group::h

internal: 1 if the constants are static

Definition at line 162 of file ecp.h.

mbedtls_ecp_group_id mbedtls_ecp_group::id

internal group identifier

Definition at line 154 of file ecp.h.

int(* mbedtls_ecp_group::modp) (mbedtls_mpi *)

function for fast reduction mod P

Definition at line 163 of file ecp.h.

mbedtls_mpi mbedtls_ecp_group::N
  1. the order of G, or 2. unused

Definition at line 159 of file ecp.h.

size_t mbedtls_ecp_group::nbits

number of bits in 1. P, or 2. private keys

Definition at line 161 of file ecp.h.

mbedtls_mpi mbedtls_ecp_group::P

prime modulus of the base field

Definition at line 155 of file ecp.h.

size_t mbedtls_ecp_group::pbits

number of bits in P

Definition at line 160 of file ecp.h.

mbedtls_ecp_point* mbedtls_ecp_group::T

pre-computed points for ecp_mul_comb()

Definition at line 167 of file ecp.h.

void* mbedtls_ecp_group::t_data


Definition at line 166 of file ecp.h.

int(* mbedtls_ecp_group::t_post) (mbedtls_ecp_point *, void *)


Definition at line 165 of file ecp.h.

int(* mbedtls_ecp_group::t_pre) (mbedtls_ecp_point *, void *)


Definition at line 164 of file ecp.h.

size_t mbedtls_ecp_group::T_size

number for pre-computed points

Definition at line 168 of file ecp.h.

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