mbedtls_ecp_point Struct Reference

ECP point structure (jacobian coordinates)

All functions expect and return points satisfying the following condition: Z == 0 or Z == 1. (Other values of Z are used by internal functions only.) The point is zero, or "at infinity", if Z == 0. Otherwise, X and Y are its standard (affine) coordinates.

Definition at line 120 of file ecp.h.

#include <ecp.h>

Data Fields

mbedtls_mpi X
mbedtls_mpi Y
mbedtls_mpi Z

Field Documentation

mbedtls_mpi mbedtls_ecp_point::X

the point's X coordinate

Definition at line 122 of file ecp.h.

mbedtls_mpi mbedtls_ecp_point::Y

the point's Y coordinate

Definition at line 123 of file ecp.h.

mbedtls_mpi mbedtls_ecp_point::Z

the point's Z coordinate

Definition at line 124 of file ecp.h.

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