mbedtls_entropy_context Struct Reference

Entropy context structure.

Definition at line 135 of file entropy.h.

#include <entropy.h>

Data Fields

int accumulator_started
mbedtls_sha256_context accumulator
int source_count
mbedtls_entropy_source_state source [MBEDTLS_ENTROPY_MAX_SOURCES]
mbedtls_havege_state havege_data
mbedtls_threading_mutex_t mutex

Field Documentation

mbedtls_sha256_context mbedtls_entropy_context::accumulator

Definition at line 141 of file entropy.h.

int mbedtls_entropy_context::accumulator_started

Definition at line 137 of file entropy.h.

mbedtls_havege_state mbedtls_entropy_context::havege_data

Definition at line 146 of file entropy.h.

mbedtls_threading_mutex_t mbedtls_entropy_context::mutex


Definition at line 149 of file entropy.h.

mbedtls_entropy_source_state mbedtls_entropy_context::source[MBEDTLS_ENTROPY_MAX_SOURCES]

Definition at line 144 of file entropy.h.

int mbedtls_entropy_context::source_count

Definition at line 143 of file entropy.h.

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