mbedtls_entropy_source_state Struct Reference

Entropy source state.

Definition at line 122 of file entropy.h.

#include <entropy.h>

Data Fields

mbedtls_entropy_f_source_ptr f_source
void * p_source
size_t size
size_t threshold
int strong

Field Documentation

mbedtls_entropy_f_source_ptr mbedtls_entropy_source_state::f_source

The entropy source callback

Definition at line 124 of file entropy.h.

void* mbedtls_entropy_source_state::p_source

The callback data pointer

Definition at line 125 of file entropy.h.

size_t mbedtls_entropy_source_state::size

Amount received in bytes

Definition at line 126 of file entropy.h.

int mbedtls_entropy_source_state::strong

Is the source strong?

Definition at line 128 of file entropy.h.

size_t mbedtls_entropy_source_state::threshold

Minimum bytes required before release

Definition at line 127 of file entropy.h.

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