USB_ExtendedPropertiesDescriptor_t Struct Reference

Extended Properties Descriptor Typedef.

Definition at line 189 of file em_usbxpress_descriptors.h.

#include <em_usbxpress_descriptors.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t bcdVersion
 1.00 -> 0x0100
uint16_t count
 Number of properties.
uint16_t index
 0x05 for extended property
uint8_t propertyData2 [GUID_PROPERTY_LEN]
 Property data.
uint32_t propertyDataLength
 Length the property data.
uint32_t propertyDataType
 Data type of this property.
uint8_t propertyName [GUID_PROPERTY_NAME_LEN]
 Name of this property.
uint16_t propertyNameLength
 Length of the name of this property.
uint32_t size2
 Size of this property descriptor.
uint32_t wLength
 Size of this struct.

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