Migrate from SSv4

The process to migrate a project from Simplicity Studio® 4 (SSv4) to Simplicity Studio 5 (SSv5) depends on the type of project.

If you are migrating a Z-Wave, Bootloader, EFM32, or EFM8 project, use the Migrate Project tool. If you are migrating a Bluetooth, Proprietary Flex, or Zigbee project, follow the instructions in the specified documents.

Z-Wave, Bootloader, EFM32, and EFM8 Projects

Click the Tools toolbar button to open the Tools dialog. Select Migrate Projects and click OK. Select the project to be migrated and click Next.

Verify the information displayed and click Next.

Decide if you want to copy the project (recommended) and click Finish.

The project is migrated from SSv4 to SSv5.

Zigbee, Flex, and Bluetooth Projects

These projects cannot be migrated using the tool. If you try, the tool will point you to the documentation for the migration process.

The documents are: