Using Scan Request Reporting


Together with the new BT5 advertising APIs introduced in SDK 2.3.x, a new event was introduced le_gap_scan_request to notify the application that a scan request has been received. Scan requests (not to be confused with scan responses) can be received, when the device is in scannable advertising mode. Scan request reporting can be useful feature to detect and react on the presence of scanner devices. E.g. if a scanner device sends a scan request, the advertisement interval of the advertising device can be decreased to speed up the connection process.


To enable scan request reporting the following API command can be used: le_gap_set_advertise_report_scan_request. When enabled, a le_gap_scan_request event will be generated every time a scan request is received.

The le_gap_scan_request event will inform the application about the Bluetooth address (and address type) as well as bonding status of the device that sent the scan request.