Advertiser PAST

Advertiser PAST.


sl_status_t sl_bt_advertiser_past_transfer (uint8_t connection, uint16_t service_data, uint8_t advertising_set)

Detailed Description

Advertiser PAST.

Transfer the synchronization information of a local active periodic advertising set to a remote device using Periodic Advertising Synchronization Transfer (PAST) over a connection.

Function Documentation

◆ sl_bt_advertiser_past_transfer()

sl_status_t sl_bt_advertiser_past_transfer ( uint8_t  connection,
uint16_t  service_data,
uint8_t  advertising_set 

Transfer the synchronization information of an advertising set that is actively performing periodic advertising.

[in]connectionConnection handle of the connection used to transmit the sync transfer
[in]service_dataA value provided by the application for use by the peer device.
[in]advertising_setHandle of the periodic advertising set to transfer
SL_STATUS_OK if successful. Error code otherwise.