General Overview

What is Bluetooth Xpress

Bluetooth Xpress (BGX) devices are pre-programmed modules that provide a host microcontroller with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection to another Bluetooth Xpress module device or a smart phone. Bluetooth Xpress modules such as the BGX13P and BGX13S modules are designed to substantially reduce design effort and aid time-to-market in applications that require BLE connectivity to other BLE capable devices.

A host microprocessor communicates with a Bluetooth Xpress module via a serial interface. A host microcontroller can configure the module and stream data to and from connected Bluetooth devices. Application operation may be customized by setting individual configuration variables.

Bluetooth Xpress modules use the Xpress command API to enable host control, together with variables to enable host configuration. Beyond commands and variables, Bluetooth Xpress modules provide a rich feature set for wireless and peripheral command and control.

Serial Interface

Bluetooth Xpress modules provide one of the easiest to use and flexible serial BLE interfaces in the industry. The Xpress command API provides UART support, different serial communications modes, including command mode and stream mode. The protocol is easy to use for both humans and machines alike.

See Serial Interface.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Xpress modules provide an easy-to-use serial API allowing you to focus your efforts on application development, rather than the time-consuming complexity and interoperability issues associated with the development of a wireless network stack.

Bluetooth Xpress modules support operating modules in Central and Peripheral roles.

See Commands and Variables.


Port control APIs are available to provide access to general purpose IO, inputs to control Bluetooth Xpress operational state through pin conditions, and outputs designed to signal BLE connection status with connected LEDs.

See GPIOs.


The primary BLE services provided by Bluetooth Xpress modules are always encrypted for privacy. To use either the Xpress Streaming Service or the OTA firmware update service, connecting devices will need to pair. BGX devices may be configured to use either Just Works (unauthenticated) or Passkey (authenticated) pairing methods. Support is provided for both LE Secure Connections and LE legacy pairing.

See Security.