Configuration and Setup

A number of flexible and easy-to-use options are available to set up a module running BGX BLE.

Physical Terminal

Perhaps the most common option used for general setup (and also the most convenient when prototyping) is to use a terminal application and serial interface such as a UART. See Getting Started.

Variable Configuration

You can save the current variables to flash, so that they persist after reboot, with the save command.

Factory Reset

To return all values to their factory configuration, use the fac command: fac <BD_ADDR>

The fac command requires the <BD_ADDR> argument in order to avoid accidental reset.

GPIO Configuration

GPIOs are configured with the commands gfu, gdi, gse, and gge. GPIO configuration and initialization is also saved by the save command.

GPIO configuration and usage is available using the get gp u command sequence.

See GPIOs.