AMW007 Spectre Module GPIOs and Peripherals

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Functions and Pins

Medusa Evaluation Board

The table below shows functions, defaults and pins for the AMW007 Spectre GPIOs and other functions. The table also shows connections and header pins for the AMW007-E03 Medusa evaluation board.

AMW007 SpectreMedusa AMW007-E03E03.2
GPIOFunctionsDefault FunctionWakePadConnectionsHeader-Pin
GPIO0Factory resetFactory Reset5Button 1H2-2, H5-8, H9-2
GPIO1none6LED_R - Red User LEDH2-3, H5-6, H9-9
GPIO2Boot control1none9H2-4
GPIO3BOOT_SEL, Boot control1none11H2-3
GPIO4none12LED_G - Green User LEDH2-6, H5-4, H9-3
GPIO5none21Button 2H2-7, H5-2, H9-5
GPIO6UART_CTSnone27H3-5, H5-7, H9-17
GPIO7UART_RTSnone28H3-6, H5-1, H9-19
UART_RX7H3-3, H5-3, H9-15
UART_TX, Boot control18H3-4, H5-5, H9-13
35ThermistorH3-7, H9-7

1: The Boot control pins must be at the following levels immediately after a reset in order for the module to boot correctly: UART_TX = GND, GPIO2 = VDD, GPIO3 = VDD


Medusa reset pin


Medusa power header pins


Default Medusa GPIO Usage

The default Medusa GPIO usage shown in response to the command get gpio.usage is:

> get gp u

!  # Description

See the gpio.usage variable documentation.

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