Matter in Simplicity Studio#

Simplicity Studio is a full service IDE and tool suite which can be used along with the Matter GSDK (Gecko SDK Suite) extension. To get started, download Simplicity Studio from the following link: Simplicity Studio

Further information on using Simplicity Studio can be found in the Simplicity Studio User's Guide

Installing Matter in Simplicity Studio#

The Matter extension installs by default when you install the GSDK. If you already are using Simplicity Studio and have the GSDK installed, details on how to separately install or update the Matter extension is in the Simplicity Studio Users Guide section on Installing SDK Extensions.

Once the Matter extension has been installed you may begin developing your Matter application.

Starting a Matter Project in Simplicity Studio#

Once the Matter Enablement package has been installed in Simplicity Studio, you may Start a Matter Project using the New Project Wizard.

The process for creating and developing a project in Matter is very similar to the process used for Zigbee so if you are familiar with the Zigbee development flow in Simplicity Studio you will easily get started with Matter.

Matter uses the same ZCL Advanced Platform (ZAP) Advanced Configurator for the cluster library configuration as Silicon Labs Zigbee implementation. As a result the configuration interface is very similar to that used for Zigbee.

More information on using ZAP with Zigbee is available here: Zigbee Cluster Configurator User's Guide