How to Flash a Silicon Labs Device#


Once you have an image built, you can flash it onto your EFR device (either a EFR32 development board or the Thunderboard Sense 2) over USB connected to your development machine. This can be done using either Simplicity Studio or the standalone Simplicity Commander.

Simplicity Commander#

A link to download Simplicity Commander's standalone version is located along with documentation in the

Simplicity Studio:#

Simplicity Studio is a complete development environment and tool suite. It has the ability to discover USB connected development boards and flash them.

(Optional) Ozone J-Link Debugger:#

Multi-platform debugger and performance analyzer for J-Link and J-Trace

Note: All application are tested using the below version

  1. Ozone Version: v 3.26 revision 2

  2. JLink Version: V7.64