Frequently Asked Questions for Matter over Thread#


  • Why are the mattertool commands not working after all the steps?

    • Check if the Radio Co-Processor (RCP) image was built and/or flashed correctly to the device.

    • Make sure you see a QR code on the display of the Matter Accessory Device (MAD).

    • Make sure the images being used to flash the Raspberry Pi, RCP and MAD are correct.

  • How can I find the IP address of my Raspberry Pi?

  • How can I use a crystal value different than the default (39.0 MHz) for my device?

    • When using an alternative crystal value (i.e.: different than 39.0 MHz), updating the clock speed for both the HFXO and DPLL values is needed and both must match, where the DPLL is set to 2x the HFXO value. These values are used by the RAIL library to determine the radio frequency and the proper timings for the BLE packets.

    • If the DPLL value is left unchanged with a modified HFXO, the radio will be on the right frequency but the BLE packet timings will not be correct, which will cause issues within a few packets due to BLE's strict timing requirements.