Matter Developer's Guide#

The Matter Developer's Guide provides detailed background and instructions for Matter developers working in either the Thread or Wi-Fi models. The Developer's Guide contains a deeper dive into development using examples that are similar to those in the Quick-Start Guides as well as other topics of interest.

  • Prerequisites provides a more extensive list of hardware options as well as additional detail on software prerequisites.

  • The Matter over Thread Example and Matter over Wi-Fi Example provide much more detail than the quick-start guides.

  • The Matter Ecosystems displays information on various IoT ecoystems and how Silicon Labs' Matter enabled applications integrate within them.

  • The Unify Matter Bridge is an application that makes legacy devices, such as Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, accessible on a Matter fabric. It does so by acting as an IoT Service in a Unify Framework. This application is developed outside of Simplicity Studio.

  • Detailed Development Topics cover a number of other topics of interest to developers, including commissioning, security, and over-the-air update.