Developing and Debugging a Gecko Bootloader#

These pages provide detailed information for Gecko Bootloader Developers.

  • Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader User's Guide for GSDK 4.0 and Higher (PDF): Describes the high-level implementation of the Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader for EFM32 and EFR32 Series 1 and Series 2 microcontrollers, SoCs (System on Chips) and NCPs (Network Co-Processors), and provides information on different aspects of configuring the Gecko Bootloader.

  • Transitioning to the Updated Gecko Bootloader in GSDK 4.0 and Higher (PDF): Gecko Bootloader v2.x, introduced in GSDK 4.0, contains a number of changes compared to Gecko Bootloader v1.x. This describes the differences between the versions, including how to configure the new Gecko Bootloader in Simplicity Studio 5.

  • Simplicity Commander Reference Guide (PDF): Describes how and when to use the Command-Line Interface (CLI) of Simplicity Commander. Simplicity Commander supports all EFR32 Wireless SoCs, EFR32 Wireless SoC modules (such as the MGM111 or MGM12P), EFM32 MCU families, and EM3xx Wireless SOCs.