RAIL PHY Development#

The content in this section is related to the working directly with the physical layer using tools and features provided with RAIL in the Proprietary SDK. This is configurable only when using RAIL or Connect. The content includes theory of and basic information on configuring the EFR32 radio, measurement results and recommendations to comply with various standards, as well as guides on how start from scratch or how to set up the radio to be compatible with an existing setup.

  • EFR32 Radio Configurator Guide for Simplicity Studio 5 (AN1253) - Describes the radio configurator GUI for RAIL framework applications in Simplicity Studio 5. With it, you can create standard or custom radio configurations on which to run your RAIL-based applications. The role of each GUI item is explained.

  • EFR32 Series 1 Long Range Configuration Reference (UG460): Introduces the long-range radio profile, escribes its development, and examines underlying details that enable it to realize extended range. Instructions for using example applications are included.

  • EFR32 RF Evaluation Guide (AN972): Describes using RAILTest to evaluate radio functionality, as well as peripherals, deep sleep states, etc. With it you can fully evaluate the receiving and transmitting performance and test RF functionality of development kit hardware or custom hardware.