Wi-Fi Operation Modes#

The Silicon Labs module can be configured in the following operating modes :

Note !

TCP/IP bypass mode in AT command mode is currently not supported.

  • Access Point Mode

  • Station Mode to connect to an AP with PSK Security

  • Station mode to connect to an AP with Enterprise Security

  • PER mode/Transmit Test

Access Point Mode#

The following sequence of commands should be used to create an Access Point using the Silicon Labs module. The module can support eight external clients when it is configured in Access Point mode. By default the module acts as a DHCP server.

Access Point ModeAccess Point Mode

Station Mode with Personal Security#

In this mode, the module works as a Wi-Fi station. It can connect to an Access Point with open mode or WPA/WPA2 Security.

Station Mode with Personal SecurityStation Mode with Personal Security

Station Mode with Enterprise Security#

In this mode, the module works as a station to connect to an Access point with Enterprise security enabled network that Hosts a Radius Server.

Station Mode with Enterprise SecurityStation Mode with Enterprise Security

PER Mode/Transmit Test#

This mode is used for Packet Error Rate analysis, and regulatory and compliance certification e.g. FCC/IC/CE/TELEC

PER Mode/Transmit TestPER Mode/Transmit Test

Unsupported Modes#

TCP/IP bypass mode is currently not supported.