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uint8_t cmd_ix

Command ID Takes per BLE_TRANSMIT_CMD_ID of value 0x13

Definition at line 905 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t transmit_enable

Enables/disables the ble per transmit mode 1 PER Transmit Enable 0 PER Transmit Disable

Definition at line 909 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t access_addr[4]

Access address with which packets are transmitted

Definition at line 911 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t phy_rate

Phy rate at which packets are transmitted 1 1Mbps 2 2 Mbps 4 125 Kbps Coded 8 500 Kbps Coded

Definition at line 917 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t rx_chnl_num

Rx channel number (0 - 39)

Definition at line 919 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t tx_chnl_num

Tx channel number (0 - 39)

Definition at line 921 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t scrambler_seed

Initial seed to be used for whitening. It should be set to �0� in order to disable whitening. In order to enable, one should give the scrambler seed value which is used on the receive side

Definition at line 924 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t le_chnl_type

LE channel type (data or advertise channel) 0x00 Advertise Channel 0x01 Data Channel (to be used by Default)

Definition at line 928 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t freq_hop_en

Frequency hopping type to be used 0 No Hopping 1 Fixed Hopping 2 Random Hopping (rx_chnl_num, tx_chnl_num parameters are unused in this mode)

Definition at line 933 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t ant_sel

Select the antenna to be used. Refer to the datasheet for your hardware to check whether or not it contains an onboard antenna. 2 ONBOARD_ANT_SEL 3 EXT_ANT_SEL

Definition at line 937 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t pll_mode

pll_mode type to be used 0 PLL_MODE0 (to be used by Default) 1 PLL_MODE1

Definition at line 941 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t rf_type

Selection of RF type (internal/external) BIT[7:6] - RECT selection for BLR (Default value -> 0b00) BIT[5:4] - RECT selection for BLE 2 Mbps (Default value -> 0b00) BIT[3:2] - RECT selection for BLE 1 Mbps (Default value -> 0b00) BIT[1:0] - for rf_type(external - 0/internal - 1) (Default value -> 0b01) Note

  • The above macros are applicable for BLE

Definition at line 948 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t rf_chain

Selection of RF Chain (HP/LP) to be used 2 BT_HP_CHAIN 3 BT_LP_CHAIN Note

  • The above macros are applicable for both BT and BLE

Definition at line 953 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t pkt_len[2]

Length of the packet to be transmitted Max pkt_len to be transmitted is 255

Definition at line 955 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t payload_type

Type of payload data sequence 0x00 PRBS9 sequence �11111111100000111101... 0x01 Repeated �11110000� 0x02 Repeated �10101010� 0x03 PRBS15 0x04 Repeated �11111111� 0x05 Repeated �00000000� 0x06 Repeated '00001111' 0x07 Repeated '01010101'

Definition at line 965 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t tx_power

Transmit Power This field corresponds to the transmit power. The range for the Tx Power Index is 1 to 63 (0 and 32 are invalid.) If rf chain is BT_HP_CHAIN 1 - 12 BLE - HP Mode 127 magic number for selecting maximum possible power output If rf chain is BT_LP_CHAIN 1 - 31 BLE - 0 dBm Mode 33 - 63 BLE- 10 dBm Mode

Definition at line 974 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t transmit_mode

Transmit mode to be used either Burst/Continuous 0 BURST_MODE 1 CONTINUOUS_MODE 2 CONTINUOUS_WAVE_MODE (CW_MODE)

Definition at line 979 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t inter_pkt_gap

This field takes the value of inter packet gap. Number of slots to be skipped between two packets - Each slot will be 1250usec

Definition at line 982 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h


uint8_t num_pkts[4]

This field defines the number of packets to be transmitted, default to zero for continuous transmission

Definition at line 984 of file include/rsi_ble_apis.h