Revision History

Revisi on No.
Version No.


1 v1.0 November 2017 Advance version
2 v1.1 Feb 2018 Formatting changes
3 v1.2 April 2018 Generalized for Wiseconnect and Wisemcu



June 2018
1. Old thread of figures were replaced with new ones,
2. Response codes are updated
3. Alignment issues are resolved



July 2018
1. Reviewed and updated Commands and event formats
2. Added command , command response and event id's
3. Structural changes are done



September 2018
1. Added ext_custom_feat_bitmap field and modified feature bitmap description in opermode command
2. Added a2dp burst mode command and more data req event related information
3. Added BT A2DP error commands
4. Added Device ID command
5. Segregation of features for different products
7 v1.6 March 2019 Deleted the Zigbee section
8 v1.7 May 2019 Added BT HID Device related commands
9 v1.8 July 2019 Added BT HID Device related AT commands



September 2019
1. Updated BT feature bitmap for 3mbps, 2mpbs and Sniff mode configurations
2. Updated BT Feature bitmap for Sniff feature and Noise figure feature configurations
11 v1.10 December 2019 Added BLE CW mode support
12 v1.11 December 2019 Added AT command to change the BLE MTU size



Feb 2020
Added a Note in EXT_TCP_IP_FEATURE_BITMAP in oper mode

Added configure_feature_bit_map in set operating mode
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Version No.





Sep 2020


1. Added AT mode based "HID conn process with SSP mode enabled".
2. Removed 'Related Resources' section.
3. Moved 'SPI Interface', 'UART Interface', 'USB Interface' sections to 'Host Interfaces'.
4. Renamed document name from 'Embedded BT Classic Software Programming Reference Manual (PRM)' to 'RS9116W BT Classic AT Command Programming Reference Manual'.
5. Removed all Binary Commands.
6. Updated 384k mode.
7. Added note in BT Opermode command.
8. Added note in RSSI signal strength.
9. Removed SDIO, USB, SPI interfaces from Host Interfaces section.
. Added 'Changes/Enhancements in BT AT Commands, Configurations and Mechanisms' section.
. Added length for each AT CMD (parameters and responses.)



Jan 2021
1. Added BT Events/Commands for USRLINKKEYSAVE, AUTHENTICATION_STATUS, MODECHANGED and DISCONNECTED in section 6 BT Classic Commands.
2. Removed SPI and USB host interaction and Bypass Mode in SPI / USB details from section 2 Bootloader.
3. Updated the section 5 BT Classic Command Format with by mentioning A2DP, AVRCP and HFP command/response/event IDs are not supported in this document version.



Feb 2021
1. Added description for config_feature_bitmap[25:24] .Refer section 6.1.1.
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Version No.





Jun 2021
1. Removed spaces in the command format and examples. And also added examples for some of the commands, which are not present.
2. Added more information to some of the commands.
3. Modified at+rsibt_bredrtransmit example with correct values.
4. Given explanation to the response parameters of
at+rsibt_perstats command.
5. Added an error code -0x4E66 -Invalid Name length when set to more than 16 bytes
6. Added Tabular format for the parameters more than 3 of all BT Classic commands and Events.
7. Added a note to the A2dp and Avrcp commands that "This commands are not supported in the current release"
8. Added a note in the opermode command, stating that which values are supporting in this release.
18 v2.5 Dec 2021 1. Added new command at+rsibt_updategaintableoffsetMaxpower .
2. Added new command at+rsibt_adddeviceid .
3. Corrected Inquiry Response Event Format at+rsibt_inqresp .