Revision History#

Revision 5.2.0 released June 16, 2021#

  • Version changed to correlate with Simplicity Studio 5.

  • Tools: Standalone NCP Commander documented.

  • Getting Started: Linux installation instructions added.

  • Energy Profiler: Code correlation software setup instructions updated.

  • Tips and Tricks: Links added at the top of the page; tip on changing from GCC to IAR compiler added.

  • Various maintenance updates

Revision 1.1.0 released December 9, 2020#

  • General updates for Simplicity Studio 5.1.

  • Launcher perspective (Getting Started, About the Launcher):

    • Software Examples and Demos tabs combined into a single tab, enhanced filtering options.

    • Examples from GitHub repositories.

    • New security firmware update option for Series 2 devices.

  • Developing for 32-Bit Devices:

    • Project Configurator now supports Bluetooth Mesh and 32-Bit MCU SDKs.

    • New Project Configurator Configuration Tools tab.

    • New Bluetooth Mesh Node Configurator tool.

    • Pin Tool, new 'Add Component' functionality.

  • Testing & Debugging:

    • New Beta quality GNU Debugger.

  • Tools:

    • New Bluetooth NCP Commander tool.

  • Tips & Tricks:

    • Update protocol locations for Bluetooth Mesh.

    • New 'Capture a Simplicity Studio 5 Thread Dump' tip.

Revision 1.0.0 released July 29, 2020#

  • Initial release