Debug Adapters#

The Simplicity Studio® 5 (SSv5) Debug Adapters view shows connected hardware adapters and displays kits, board, and devices.

launcher debug adapter viewlauncher debug adapter view

The Debug Adapters view menu functions are:

launcher debug adapter menulauncher debug adapter menu

  • Refresh the list of detected kits and debuggers

  • Clear and refresh the list of detected kits and debuggers

  • Create a group to help organize multiple adapters

  • Rename a group

  • Delete a group

  • Device Configuration (equivalent to Configure Connection)

  • Preferences (provides shortcuts to three of the options available in Preferences from the toolbar or Window > Preferences.

    • Device Manager (Simplicity Studio > Device Manager)

    • Discovery (Simplicity Studio > Device Manager > TCP/IP Adapters)

    • Stack (Network Analyzer > Decoding > Stack Versions)

  • Toggle properties (shows or hides the adapter properties)

launcher-debug adapter propertieslauncher-debug adapter properties

  • Toggle device label detail

launcher debug adapter labellauncher debug adapter label

  • Collapse all

  • Expand all

Finally, right-clicking on a debug adapter brings up a menu of functions. The availability varies depending on the context.

launcher debug adapter right menulauncher debug adapter right menu