Memory Editor#

The Memory Editor is a graphical tool for editing the flash and RAM memory layout of the applications in a solution. It can be opened from the Project Configurator Configuration Tools tab or the Quick Links card on the Overview tab. Memory Editor shows the Flash and RAM memory map for the projects in the solution. The default memory settings in the example solutions are good enough for software development and debugging, but with the Memory Editor you can fine-tune memory use based on your needs.

Memory Editor RAM tabMemory Editor RAM tab

Memory Editor RAM tabMemory Editor RAM tab

When you alter memory used by changing either or both applications' start or end location or size and save the changes, Memory Editor updates the linker file in the project autogen folder with the custom settings. Rebuild the projects to use the new memory configurations in the linker files.

Memory Editor displays a warning if your changes cause the applications' memory use to overlap.

This is a beta implementation. Not all example projects have default settings included at this time, which results in a warning when you open the editor. Save the default values that the tool calculates as your starting point.