Wi-SUN Development Walkthrough#

The purpose of this Wi-SUN Development Walkthrough is to help Wi-SUN application developers start their application development based on Wi-SUN SoC Empty, and to build a final production-ready application, after initial evaluation of the Wi-SUN example applications.

The Development Walkthrough is organized in the following sections:

Silicon Labs expects that developers have evaluated some of the Wi-SUN example applications prior to beginning this walkthrough to get a basic understanding of Wi-SUN. These applications are available in Simplicity Studio through the Launcher perspective on the EXAMPLE PROJECTS & DEMOS tab. The intended uses of these Wi-SUN example applications are:

  • An application to build a stand-alone Wi-SUN Border Router on an evaluation kit

    • Wi-SUN - SoC Border Router

      • Also available as a 'demo' in binary format for easy evaluation. It is convenient for quick testing, while being limited in terms of features. Moving to the Linux Border Router (below) is recommended to start communicating with the Wi-SUN network from the outside.

  • An application to build a Linux Wi-SUN Border Router using an evaluation kit as the RCP (Radio Co-Processor) and a Linux platform as the host (more details on the Linux Border Router on GitHub for wsbrd and the corresponding GUI).

    • Wi-SUN - RCP

      • Also available as a 'demo' in binary format for easy evaluation

  • An application to test most Wi-SUN Stack API commands: Wi-SUN - CLI example

    • Also available as a 'demo' in binary format for easy evaluation

      • Each Radio Board has a matching 'demo' binary, depending on its Frequency Band. This means all PHYs will not be available for a given Radio Board, only the ones compatible with the Radio Board Frequency Band.

  • Applications to evaluate Wi-SUN

    • ping

      • Wi-SUN - SoC Ping

    • TCP

      • Wi-SUN - SoC TCP CLient

      • Wi-SUN - SoC TCP Server

    • UDP

      • Wi-SUN - SoC UDP CLient

      • Wi-SUN - SoC UDP Server

      • Wi-SUN - SoC UDP Meter

      • Wi-SUN - SoC UDP Collector

    • CoAP

      • Wi-SUN - SoC CoAP Meter

      • Wi-SUN - SoC CoAP Collector

    • Network Performance (ping/iperf)

      • Wi-SUN SoC Network Measurement

        • Also available as a 'demo' in binary format for easy evaluation

  • An application to start final development, after the evaluation phase is complete

    • Wi-SUN Soc Empty

These applications allow quick evaluation of Wi-SUN without the need to compile anything for the first level of testing, thanks to the pre-compiled 'demo' binaries. Applications not delivered as binaries can be created easily, built, and flashed to the evaluation kits.

After this evaluation phase is achieved, actual application development starts, based on the minimal Wi-SUN SoC Empty example application. It is minimal is the sense that it allows connecting to the Wi-SUN network and doesn't contain application code, which will be added by the customer.