Update ZAP#

Update ZAP in Simplicity Studio#

This mechanism can be used when working with Matter extension or Zigbee from the Silicon Labs SDK releases. ZAP can be updated within Simplicity Studio without a Simplicity Studio release by downloading the latest ZAP executable (recommended) or pulling the latest from ZAP source as shown in ZAP Installation Guide. After you have the latest ZAP based on your currently used OS, you can update ZAP within Studio as an adapter pack. Follow the instructions below after downloading the latest ZAP:

  • Go to Simplicity Studio and select Preferences > Simplicity Studio > Adapter Packs.

  • Click Add... and browse to the expanded ZAP folder you downloaded and click Select Folder.

  • Click Apply and Close and then the newly-added ZAP will be used whenever a .zap file is opened.

Note: Sometimes there might be older instances of ZAP already running even after updating to the latest ZAP. Make sure to end all existing ZAP instances such that the newly fetched ZAP is used instead of an old instance, which is still working in the background.

Update ZAP for Matter Development in Github#

When working with the Matter or Matter-Silicon Labs repos on Github, set the environment variables with respect to ZAP to create/generate new ZAP configurations or re-generate existing sample ZAP configurations after applying changes to them. Set the ZAP_DEVELOPMENT_PATH to ZAP from source by pulling the latest or set ZAP_INSTALLATION_PATH to ZAP executable you downloaded last in your local directory. Note that when both ZAP_DEVELOPMENT_PATH and ZAP_INSTALLATION_PATH are set, ZAP_DEVELOPMENT_PATH is used.

The following are examples that show the above environment variables in use:

Note: When using ZAP executables, ensure you are using an official release over a nightly release for more stability. See Downloading the ZAP Executable in ZAP Installation Guide