ZAP is a generic code generation engine and user interface for applications and libraries based on the Zigbee Cluster Library from Zigbee or the Data Model from Matter. The specification is developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

ZAP allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Perform SDK-specific customized generation of all global artifacts (constants, types, IDs, and so on) based on the ZCL/Data-Model specification.

  • Perform SDK-specific customized generation of all user-selected configuration artifacts (application configuration, endpoint configuration, and so on) based on ZCL/Data-Model specification and customer-provided application configuration.

  • Provide UI for the end-user to select a specific application configuration (endpoints, clusters, attributes, commands, and so on).

ZAP Summary

The content in these sections describes how to develop Zigbee and Matter applications by configuring the ZCL (Zigbee) or Data Model (Matter) Layers using ZAP.