Going Beyond the Demo#

The Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk demo was designed to provide users with effortless access to the kind of streamlined experience that Amazon Sidewalk can provide for your customers.

Silicon Labs supports Amazon Sidewalk with a set of tools, capability, and documentation that similarly lowers the barriers of entry to Amazon Sidewalk application development.

The following resources are great places to start if you're ready to learn more.

Developer Resources#

  • Getting Started Guide: Step-by-step journey through AWS (deploying application, profile and device creation) and building an example Amazon Sidewalk application in Simplicity Studio.

  • Developer's Guide: Goes beyond the "Getting Started" introduction to deep-dive into the most important aspects of embedded development for Amazon Sidewalk with Silicon Labs.

  • Amazon Sidewalk Protocol Overview: Review of many relevant technical elements of the Amazon Sidewalk network.

A Note on Preserving the Demo Functionality#

The out-of-the-box demo relies on device-specific credentials pre-flashed to the USERDATA page on your device. This page is not affected by mass-erase operations, but can be explicitly erased by a targeted page erase.

Typical erase/flash cycles as you repurpose the kit radio boards during development are of no concern. In fact, Credentials Backup/Restore Feature describes a process by which you can restore a working out-of-the-box demo application after a mass-erase. However, care should be taken to NOT perform a page erase of USERDATA, or the out-of-the-box demo cannot be restored.

The backup/restore feature from OOB demo performs as follows:

  1. If you erase the main flash: The device should recover the credentials on first boot after flashing the application binary.

  2. If you erase the user data partition: The device should recover by itself on first boot.

  3. If you erase both the main flash and user data partition: Your device credentials are not recoverable.

This is especially important if you have one of Silicon Labs Pro Kits for Amazon Sidewalk. If you wish to use the radio boards with an application other than the demo, you can erase the main flash and use any application you like with your own manufacturing page. As long as you have not erased the user data partition, your device will recover the demo when you flash the out-of-the-box application binary back on your device. You should never erase the user data partition of your Pro Kit's radio boards.

Troubleshooting the Out-of-the-Box Demo#

If you encountered problems running the demo, the following guidance may help get things back on track:

  • Kit Setup

    • Ensure the main board power switch is in the AEM position.

    • Disconnect USB-C power, then re-seat the radio board.

  • Board-Specific

    • If not already, try using the EFR32xG24 radio board. This demo version relies only on BLE, and provides feedback at various stages on the LCD.

    • If using the KG100S radio board, install the 915 MHz antenna found in your kit.

  • Network-Specific

    • If relying on ambient Sidewalk network coverage, obtain your own gateway to ensure network access.

    • If using your own gateway, confirm that Sidewalk is enabled, and verify the gateway has access to the internet (try asking "Alexa, are you online?") from a US-based IP address.

If these all fail, review the Getting Started Guide. This will incrementally build what should become a known-good baseline (verifying kit hardware integrity and Sidewalk network access along the way).

For Silicon Labs Technical Support, contact us on our Support Platform.