Radio stream API. More...


EmberStatus emberStartTxStream (EmberTxStreamParameters parameters, uint16_t channel)
 Start a continuous Tx stream to test RF. More...
EmberStatus emberStopTxStream (void)
 Stop a RF stream in progress. More...

Detailed Description

Radio stream API.


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Connect API managing radio stream for RF testing purpose

See radio-stream.h for source code.

Function Documentation

◆ emberStartTxStream()

EmberStatus emberStartTxStream ( EmberTxStreamParameters  parameters,
uint16_t  channel 

Start a continuous Tx stream to test RF.

[in]parametersStream mode. See EmberTxStreamParameters.
[in]channelRF channel.
EMBER_INVALID_CALL if the stack can not process the request
EMBER_BAD_ARGUMENT if the parameters are wrong
EMBER_SUCCESS if the stream can be started

◆ emberStopTxStream()

EmberStatus emberStopTxStream ( void  )

Stop a RF stream in progress.

EMBER_INVALID_CALL if no stream is in progress