Connect Stack Native API

Here is a list of all modules:
Connect Stack API ReferenceThe primary API towards the Connect radio stack
Connect Stack VersionMacros to determine the stack version
Connect Data TypesDefinitions of Connect data types used by various Connect API functions
Stack InformationConnect API for accessing and modifying stack states and behaviors
Stack CountersStack counters API
MessagingConnect APIs and handlers for sending and receiving messages
Network ManagementConnect API for finding, forming, joining, and leaving Connect networks
Frequency HoppingAPI and callbacks for frequency hopping configuration
Parent Support
Radio StreamRadio stream API
ConfigurationUser-configurable stack configuration macros and defaults
Status CodesReturn-code definitions for Connect stack API functions
Stack TokensDefinitions for stack tokens
Event SchedulingScheduling events for future execution
Memory BufferEmber Connect API dynamically allocates and frees memory
Connect Application Framework API ReferenceApplication Framework includes plugins that are built on top of the Connect stack
Application Framework CommonApplication framework common
Command Interpreter PluginProcesses commands coming from the serial port
Debug Print Plugin
Mailbox Client PluginAPIs for mailbox client
Mailbox Server PluginAPIs for mailbox server
Mailbox CommonTypes defined for mailbox
Ota Unicast Bootloader Client PluginAPIs/callbacks for ota-unicast-bootloader clients
Ota Unicast Bootloader Server PluginMacros and APIs for ota-unicast-bootloader server
Ota Unicast Bootloader CommonMacros and types defined for ota-unicast-bootloaders
Ota Broadcast Bootloader Client PluginSet of APIs for ota-broadcast-bootloader-client
Ota Broadcast Bootloader Server PluginSet of APIs for ota-broadcast-bootloader-server
Ota Broadcast Bootloader CommonSet of types defined for ota-broadcast-bootloader
Poll PluginAPIs for the poll plugin
WSTK Sensors Plugin
Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) API Reference
Common Microcontroller Functions
Token Access
Simulated EEPROM
Sample APIs for Peripheral Access
Serial UART CommunicationThis API contains the HAL interfaces that applications must implement for the high-level serial code
Button ControlSample API functions for using push-buttons
Buzzer Control
LED ControlSample API funtions for controlling LEDs
Flash Memory ControlDefinition and description of public flash manipulation routines
System Timer ControlFunctions that provide access to the system clock
Symbol Timer Control
HAL Configuration
Sample Breakout Board Configuration
IAR PLATFORM_HEADER ConfigurationCompiler and Platform specific definitions and typedefs for the IAR ARM C compiler
Common PLATFORM_HEADER ConfigurationCompiler and Platform specific definitions and typedefs common to all platforms
NVIC Configuration
Reset Cause Type Definitions
HAL Utilities
Crash and Watchdog DiagnosticsCrash and watchdog diagnostic functions
Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC)Functions that provide access to cyclic redundancy code (CRC) calculation. See crc.h for source code
Random Number GenerationFunctions that provide access to random numbers
Network to Host Byte Order Conversion