This series of tutorials demonstrates "the essentials" of building applications based on Silicon Labs Connect. The collection presents an incremental review of key techniques and features that help developers access the powerful convenience available thru Connect. These tutorials supplement the Developer's Guide and the API reference. Note: The API reference is the authoritative Connect resource, and represents the most current documentation at all times. Grant it a priority in any conflicts you may encounter in the following (or any other) Connect guidance.


We strongly recommend familiarity with the resources above (especially the Developer's Guide) before beginning Connect-based application development, as they provide insight on crucial decisions that impact the design phase of your project.

That said, each tutorial in this series walks you through important Connect concepts using accessible demonstrations and discussions that illuminate how you can make Connect work for you. To extract the most value from this tutorial series, programming experience in embedded C and (at least) a baseline understanding of wireless networking theory is recommended. See Fundamentals.

The Tutorials#

This group of tutorials leads you from "square one" (tutorial 1) to performing packet analysis on traffic captured from the firmware you've developed along the way (tutorial 7). A Direct mode Connect-based application serves as the demonstration vehicle. Though the coverage spans a broad range of topics, the tutorials are designed to be completed sequentially. However, Tutorial 6 is largely independent, and is immediately accessible as a strong subject matter reference.

  1. Getting Started with Application Development

  2. Communication Basics: Send and Receive

  3. Command Line Interface

  4. Communication Features: Acknowledge and Message Queue

  5. Communication Features: Security

  6. IEEE 802.15.4 Addressing

  7. Traffic Analysis: Addressing, Acknowledgement, and Security

  8. Network Management